And then some business things

kapan an skopje

In the mean time, we have started with the actual publishing and selling process of the city walk brochure.

We have also decided that we want to include a few ads. But that decision raises quite a bit of questions. Fortunately, we also have answers.
• What kind of ads do we want? → Only services, products and locations that we can associate with.
• How do we approach advertisers? → With a combination of personal visits, phone calls and e-mails, depending on each person.
• What kind of deals do we make? → We do not place ads in exchange for coupons.

We also realize that it is important for advertisers to know where tourists will be able to buy the Skopje City Walk. So we do a first round along potential points of sale. Fortunately, almost everyone we get a chance to talk to, is immediately interested.

In this project, there are a lot of things we could have planned differently, but we enjoy each lesson as it comes. We stand 100% behind our product and we are proud of everything we’ve done so far! Just a little while longer, and everyone will be able to enjoy our city tour! To be continued.