An autumnal city walk

autumn in skopje

We walk onto the square. It is early November, but the sun is shining delightful. The fountain of the Warrior on Horse is being covered with thick plastic to protect it from the cold of winter that will soon arrive. Next to the entrance of GTC mall it smells like a log fire. Men are roasting sweet chestnuts. We get a small bag for only 20 denari. While peeling, we walk to the Vardar. The half-finished ship in the river promises to become an attractive restaurant, but for that we will have to wait for spring.

In a bit, dusk will fall. We pass by the new pedestrian bridges and walk along the promenade the Kej. In which restaurant will we order a hot chocolate? This chocolate treat is different than in any other country we have ever been to. It is not hot chocolate milk, it is not hot chocolate pudding, it is simply ‘hot chocolate’. A perfect way to warm yourself up after a beautiful Skopje city walk in autumn.