Skopje City Walk 2.0

skopje 2.0

What should definitely be included in the update of the Skopje City Walk, according to you?

The fun thing about Skopje is that it is a city in development. This was already the case before the project Skopje 2014, but is all the more so now. At an alarming rate, the center of the city is taken to task. Large and small changes stack together and contribute to a new sight of the city.

Skopje City Walk cannot let this go by unseen. We are working hard on an update, to be ready in the spring for yet another tourist season. The number of visitors to Macedonia and Skopje continues to rise and thus we expect a great demand for the city walk again this summer.

We are interested to hear your ideas about which sights or information about Skopje must be included in the new version. What are the key ingredients that one should not ignore when visiting Skopje?

If you have not ‘walked The Walk’, we would like to hear what your motivation to purchase would be. How will Skopje City Walk in your opinion become essential for a tourist in Skopje?