City Walks 2.0 – the final bits

sv kaneo ohrid

Over the past few months, we have been working hard behind the scenes.

● Firstly, we gave the Skopje City Walk an update: the text has changed here and there and the design is now even prettier.
● We began with creating a mobile app as well, something that was high on our wish list. We need a little more time for that than we had imagined, but the app will come out soon nevertheless!
● We also spent a working weekend in Ohrid, to create an Ohrid City Walk as well. Ohrid is by far the most popular city of Macedonia and truly a tourist attraction, but even there was still no city walk available.
● Our fourth project this winter and spring was to create a new website that looks more professional and is better suited to our extended selection.

In two weeks, we expect to complete most of these projects. At that time, the latest versions of Skopje City Walk and Ohrid City Walk will be available online as nicely formatted PDF versions, which will be automatically sent to your inbox. We will then unveil our new website as well, in the same colorrful design as the brochures. We are looking forward to it and we hope you are as well!