Walking through Ohrid and Skopje in 2015

Kale Fortess Skopje

After a good walking season in the spring, summer and autumn of 2014 we took the print versions off the shelves just before the winter. We are reaching most of the people online anyway. The new Ohrid City Walk and the renewed Skopje City Walk have been eagerly ordered as PDF and printed at home, and/or stored on the iPad. Even in the winter the occasional brochure has been ordered.

New walking season 2015

With the cheap Wizz Air flights, more and more tourists visit Skopje for a city trip. Now that summer is on it’s way, Ohrid with it’s clear blue lake is also getting popular again. The first city walks for this spring and summer season have already been sold. Let’s make the most out of the upcoming beautiful walking months!

Let the tourists arrive!

Bit Pazar Green Market Skopje

While the last spring rains are still hanging over Macedonia, we are ready for the summer. Firstly, our new website is in the air, as you can see. We are no longer Skopje City Walk, we are Walking Macedonia. Because besides Skopje, also Ohrid now has a brand new city walking guide for tourists who like to explore cities on foot.

The beautifully designed city walks of Walking Macedonia, interesting information, photos and all previous blogs can be found on our new website: www.walkingmacedonia.com. And you will be able to purchase the city walks in one click, which will then be directly sent to your mailbox. Discovering Macedonia has never been easier!

City Walks 2.0 – the final bits

sv kaneo ohrid

Over the past few months, we have been working hard behind the scenes.

● Firstly, we gave the Skopje City Walk an update: the text has changed here and there and the design is now even prettier.
● We began with creating a mobile app as well, something that was high on our wish list. We need a little more time for that than we had imagined, but the app will come out soon nevertheless!
● We also spent a working weekend in Ohrid, to create an Ohrid City Walk as well. Ohrid is by far the most popular city of Macedonia and truly a tourist attraction, but even there was still no city walk available.
● Our fourth project this winter and spring was to create a new website that looks more professional and is better suited to our extended selection.

In two weeks, we expect to complete most of these projects. At that time, the latest versions of Skopje City Walk and Ohrid City Walk will be available online as nicely formatted PDF versions, which will be automatically sent to your inbox. We will then unveil our new website as well, in the same colorrful design as the brochures. We are looking forward to it and we hope you are as well!

Ohrid City Walk is taking shape

ohrid lake

Greetings from Ohrid! It’s Sunday morning and we are sitting in a cafe with our laptops, working on the Ohrid City Walk. In the last two weeks, we wrote our first draft and yesterday we walked along the route to check all the information. Now we are enjoying a cup of Turkish coffee, while at the same time rewriting some parts of the text. Later today, we will walk the route again to be sure everything is perfect.

In 100 days, the second edition of the Skopje City Walk will be published. In addition, we want to bring out the Ohrid City Walk simultaneously. But to keep up with the modern world, the Ohrid City Walk will not be published on paper, but as an app. That will still take quite some doing. So while working hard, we keep our fingers crossed, because for now it all remains exciting.

Well, we are going back to work!